Frequently Asked Questions


How does the commission process work?

  1. Go to my commissions overview and request form page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

  2. After confirming that you indeed would like to move forward with a commission project, I will ask you to send me some high resolution (300 dpi) jpegs of your pet via email or, if you prefer, arrangements can be made for you to send some hard copy photos or a CD through regular mail (all hard copy photos are mailed back to you after completion of the drawing). When sending images through email, make sure the images are sent as attachments and not imbedded into the email body itself.

  3. I will review your photos and pick the photo(s) I think would help give the best possible results of the drawing.

  4. I will make some mock up sketches and send them to you via email for you to review and approve.

  5. After you approve a sketch, I will send you a Commission Agreement Form with pricing information and description of the drawing.

  6. After receiving the signed Commission Agreement and 25% deposit, the pet portrait will be scheduled to begin. Before the portrait is finished, I will send you an image of the drawing in progress for you review and for any minor adjustments you may request.

  7. Your drawing will take roughly 4-8 weeks to complete, depending on the number of commissions ahead of you. Upon completion of the portrait I will email you an image of the completed portrait along with an invoice for the balance due.

  8. Upon receipt of the balance I will ship the portrait to you.

Do you have any tips for photographing my pet to get a good reference photo?

  1. Take the photos outdoors, on a fair day, in early morning or late afternoon, or indoors in a bright and well-lit room. Avoid taking photos outdoors at high noon or on overcast days, or indoors under artificial lighting. You want the colors in the photos to reflect the true coloring of your pet. Do not use a flash.

  2. Take the photos in a place where your pet is comfortable “being him/herself”, such as in the corral, in your yard, in the park where you walk your pet, etc.

  3. Have help. Someone should be free to take the photo and someone else to pose the pet.

  4. Get down or up to pet eye-level to take your pet’s photos. You should be looking straight at your pet’s eyes from the camera.

  5. Use a telephoto lens to get close-up photos without getting too close to your pet. You should take some photos that have the pet filling over half of the picture frame, with the surroundings filling the rest.

  6. Take many photos in many different poses.

  7. Don’t use instant film developing types of cameras.

  8. Watch the background! If your pet is dark-colored, try to take photos in front of lighter backgrounds; if your pet is light-colored, try to take photos in front of darker backgrounds. In general, keep backgrounds simple and uncluttered.

  9. Try to use a camera with an automatic focus. Animals move quickly and often, and adjusting the manual focus can take a little time.

What other sort of commissions do you do? Do you draw people?

I WILL DRAW: Pet Portraits, Animals, Plants, Landscapes, Bones or pretty much anything related to nature.
I WILL NOT DRAW: Portraits of people, Medical Illustrations, Inanimate objects (i.e. cars)

Do you do painting commissions?

No. At this time, I only do drawing commissions in graphite.

Do you frame my commissioned portrait?

No. I leave framing completely up to you as I feel it is a unique individual decision.

What sizes and pricing do you offer?

8x10 in. - $80
9x12 in. - $100
11x14 in. - $130
14x17 in. - $150
12x18 in. - $175
18x24 in. - $200
22x30 in. - $300

Additional pets added into pet portraits are an extra $50

How do I make a payment/deposit?

Payments can be made through PayPal, check, or over the phone. If you’re local to me I can accept payments in person.

Are your drawings done digitally? Do you send high resolution photos of completed commissions?

My drawings are not digital. They are all drawn by hand. Before I send off the commission to you I will send you a photo of completed commission, but I don’t send high resolution photos for printing because I don’t have the best equipment to do so.